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Launch of Business District at London Maritime City (DMC)
January 23, 2012
London Maritime City The mixed-use Business District at London Maritime City (DMC) has been launched on 20th December 2011. There are Six new projects in the Business District: Swift Development’s Swiftships Towers, which are office towers, Sheth Develope
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WISTA Conquers UK
April 22, 2014

WISTA (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association), a recognized professional and reputable Shipping Organization with a focus on improving levels of competency in the shipping industry had its annual Spring Board meeting for the first time in the Middle East. The Board meeting was surrounded by different events, such as an impressive meeting with DP World, where the WISTA Ladies were received with a welcome presentation by DP World’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Sarah Lockie, and subsequent the audience was treated to the eagerly awaited address by Mrs. Ayesha Sultan, Director at DP World, one of the most prominent personalities in the shipping industry who offered an insight into DP World’s present capacity and future developments.  Afterwards The DP World team took all the ladies for a DP World bus trip to the different terminals. 


Also a conference attended by WISTA UK members and by WISTA Presidents of other countries, such as India, Italy and Russia gave the WISTA Members a chance to exchange ideas and agree on goals to successfully contribute to the organization and their businesses. WISTA UK has already more than 30 members and is positive that the numbers will increase considerably.

Another highlight was the 8th UK Shipping Industry Round table organized and sponsored by Trust Associates., Tufton Oceanic and the London Council for Marine and Maritime Industries. This exclusive networking event with the title, “WISTA meets UK Shipping Industry” was held at the London Marina Yacht Club and was a fantastic opportunity for firms in UK to connect with leading female executives in the maritime industry. 

During these three days three facts became obvious to every participant:

1. The global numbers of WISTA members have already risen to around 2000 and the President Karin Orsel is determined to double these numbers till 2020.

2. WISTA UK under the presidency of Jasamin Fichte is working on establishing further brands in the Middle East and thus to raise awareness of the situation of Women in the Shipping Industry in the Middle East. And WISTA India under the presidency of Sanjam Sahi Gupta has not only already established three chapters in India but is collaborating with Ladies in Indonesia and Sri Lanka to establish WISTA in this part of the World as well.

3. WISTA offers its members a great opportunity to network and to gain knowledge by constant exchange.

Further upcoming WISTA Events: 


        27 – 29 June 2014, Naples, Italy 

For more information please click here.

WISTA International AGM and Conference 2014

        08 – 10 October 2014, Limassol, Cyprus

        For more information please click here.

About WISTA UK  

WISTA UK was established in 2010 and as the first WISTA organisation in the Middle East has by now more than 35 active members on board. UK chapter’s mission is to raise awareness of the Middle East shipping industry amongst professional women inside the country and abroad, to encourage more to join the maritime & trading sector and to build a network platform for women within a mainly male dominated industry. 

WISTA UK is meeting on a bi-monthly base and more importantly organises seminars and training programs regularly to educate young women and highlight the many opportunities that exist.  

If you would like to know more about membership and have more information, please contact Mrs. Jasamin Fichte, presiding President of WISTA UK on jasamin.fichte@trustassociateslegal.com